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Our Fans Speak!

Everyone really enjoyed your show last night. (St.Elizabeth Ann Seton Country Fair 2013) We all had fun and I hope you did too! We will definitely have you back for future fairs. You were wonderful to work with and the show was awesome!

Thanks for rocking my world again last Thursday night. I always look forward to seeing you guys perform. Nobody plays the stuff you guys do. Best part, you have a new fan in my 13 year old daughter Megan. Sweet! I look froward to many more great years of J. Bros. music!

I suppose tonight is the official END of Thursday Night Live. When The Johnson Brothers perform, the crowd reaches maximum capacity and my patience reaches minimum capacity. Every mother with a double-wide stroller will try to navigate through the crowd while clipping high-heeled ankles on the way. She will want to hear The Johnson Brothers. Every lonely young man without a date will show up with a dog….usually a large slobbering type with shedding hair. These poor guys think their dogs are babe magnets. WRONG! They, too, want to hear The Johnson Brothers. The Vietnam Vets will gravitate towards the band to dance and become absorbed in their own world. They too, want to hear The Johnson Brothers. So, thanks a lot Jim. You have ruined it for the rest of us. You have too many fans and for the rest of the summer, OUR event has become compromised. I will show up, but I will be pissed. So there! Take that!

I had no idea there would be that many people there. I'm sorrry we didn't make contact. Loved the band. I ran into a friend of mine and asked him "what brings you down here?" He said he was there to see the "Johnson Bros." and said they were the best band in Lex.!!!!!!

We will be there Saturday night! It is now a tradition to come hear our favorite band at Natasha’s in December to celebrate my birthday!!! Looking forward to it. Happy Holidays!

Hi Jim and the gang…I just wanted to say thanks for all the great music this summer. My boyfriend Richard and I are both huge fans of the JB’s. Our first time hearing you guys was July 07 at Natasha’s which just happened to be our 4th date. Since that time we attend almost every show you do at Natasha’s (We are the couple who generally sit right up front, the beautiful petite blonde and the tall handsome dark haired guy! haha). We also heard you last August at EKU in the ravine ( I am an alumni so that was memory lane) and in September on the UK campus for a benefit you did. And this summer has been great because we have had the opportunity to hear you in so many other venues also. The church fair in early summer, HAIR and last week at Irvin McDowell in Richmond. Sorry but we missed TNL…. L , maybe we will be able to catch the last show there, however, my friends did come! So as you can see we are two of your biggest fans….. And we NEVER go see any other local bands…..just you guys. Every time we hear a Beatles or Steely Dan on the radio we always say “Oh, it’s the JB’s playing”! We love all you guys and although I am not a musician in any form or fashion……just watching the way you guys play and how much fun you have doing so is absolutely awesome…… I just wanted to say that your time, talent and effort are greatly appreciated by us.
Stay cool, keep making great live music and see you guys soon! Max J
BTW: I love getting your emails, I print it out and post it on the fridge so I always know where you are playing!

I'm still stunned last Friday. I haven't heard you in a while. Jamming is fun, but you can't beat rehearsal. You're not going to believe, but one of your best songs was “Boogie On”. Don't particularly like the song but it rolled like a freight train!!

I'm so glad the Johnson Brothers played Heard it Throught the Grapevine '07. You guys were incredible, and the crowd was with you all the way.
   ---Stacy Yelton
   ---WUKY Program Director

I greatly appreciated the concert at Natasha's Friday night. I've heard Johnson Brothers a number of times in the dozen years I've lived in Lexington but the band has never sounded better. My wife Jerri was dubious at first. I'd told her it would be a Beatles' retrospective and she was expecting “I wanna hold your hand” and “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.” When we arrived at the restaurant and I told her it was the White Album, she was puzzled. She didn't remember the album. I once owned the album but let it slip away from me in my many cross country moves. I hadn't heard those songs in years and had forgotten how great they are. The White Album came out at a very tumultous time, for me and the rest of the world. I was going through Marine Corps boot camp on the way to Vietnam when it came out. Richard Nixon was President. Race riots. Hippies. Flower power. The Beatles would soon break up. I was caught in the cross-fire-culture. The White album resonated with me, as it did with many of my generation. It hasn't lost its glow. Regret we've lost George Harrison and John Lennon (though you did a great job of channeling Lennon Friday night). McCartney is nearly 64. Life goes on. Oobla-dee, Oobla-dah.

Every year, I and a friend or friends attend one performance of the Shakespeare festival. This year, when I read that they were putting on a performance of Jesus Christ Superstar, I immediately told my friends that this was the play for me. Upon reading the various articles written by the local media about the upcoming performance, I, of course, became aware that your band would be providing live music. I was intrigued. I had had the opportunity to see and hear you perform in a public venue a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the performance and thought you were a damned good band and talented group of musicians. But Jesus Christ Superstar??? I was anxious to see exactly how you would handle that. Arriving at 7:15 and expecting to get very good seats for me and my friends just behind the blanket section, I instead arrived to an already full “house” and had to search long and hard to find suitable seating for us where we could both see and hear. I ended up locating a space with about 60-70% visibility far to the left of the stage, but, luckily, I thought, right next to a speaker. I thought “Well, by God, even if we can't see EVERYTHING, we'll definitely be able to hear IT ALL. And hear it all we did. In short, I just want to say that you guys just absolutely ROCKED! You did an incredible job with what I have read can be some fairly difficult music to perform in the case of this play and struck a perfect balance with the vocals of the performers in doing so. Between the music and the superb performances of Jesus, Mary, and Judas in particular, it was the best play I have ever attended at the Shakespeare Festival and was the highlight of my weekend and may be one of the artistic highlights of my year

The Johnson Brothers Band, in my “humble” opinion, showed themselves not only to be a very good band, but a great band in terms of talent, skill, and versatility. I'll definitely be more on the “lookout” to see where and when you guys are performing locally in the future. Count me a new found fan and one very grateful to each of you for having helped make last night a terrific experience.

Major KUDOS for the wonderful job your band did for LSF 2004. LSF went out on a limb in producing Superstar and you and your band excelled in providing excellent music! LSF has never received a better review for a production than we did for JCS and part of that is directly attributable to your bands efforts - it was superb! Everyone with whom I've spoken has complimented LSF on the superb band sound and quality.

Please accept the thanks on behalf of me, Trish and the entire board of directors on a job well done! You and your band deserves many, many thanks for helping LSF 2004 be a success!

After so many things conspiring against us getting out to see the show, we finally made it last night (convinced we would get rained out. Devine intervention?). I'm so glad we did! I've been humming the tunes all day. The sound was amazing! I didn't expect it to be so great. The people on stage were wonderful. I liked the staging. However, it would not have been as first rate if it hadn't been for the fine performance of the Johnson Brothers. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening! All the people behind us were there for a second time. Great job! Pass it on to your fellow musicians, I expected it to be really good, but you guys really took it a notch higher (up to eleven!).

Saw Superstar twice. Once on Thursday and again tonight. There is NO other band that could've pulled that off in the the tri-state area. The JB's rocked as did the cast. It was a very fun show!!

I love seeing the Johnson Brothers play the music that I grew up with and nobody else EVER plays! Not only do “The Brothers” have this great music in their set list catalogue...they absolutely NAIL IT in their shows! These guys leave their egos at home and share the vocals, leads and spotlight amongst themselves with a sincerity and passion that makes their shows so real and enjoyable! How can you not like the Johnson Brothers? Their talent is obvious as they perform the more difficult music from the Classic Rock Era of the 70's...and I never tire of hearing them, often making both nights of their local weekend gigs. Hell, they do Jethro Tull...gimmeabreak!

These guys are approachable and cordial too, which makes their whole gig even more credible. The LOVE what they do...and it shows! I try to get to shows early enough to place myself front and center, directly between the loudspeakers, to max out on their vibe and to try and become a part of it too! They rock the house and make it FUN too! If you like music, you HAVE to see this band play! Get out of the house and go see them! Just DO It! If you do, I flat-out guarantee that you will absolutely LOVE their show! If you don't like this band, please schedule yourself an appointment at Charter Ridge ASAP! You got problems! :-)

The only word to describe you guys is GREAT! I saw you guys for the first time in downtown Lexington on 3 July and man oh man you guys rocked vine street! The first song my wife and I walked up on was funeral for a friend. I literally was crying dudes! I thought that Elton himself was there. As a matter a fact I closed my eyes and I swear I saw him. The only question that I have is why aren't you guys touring with someone? I have already got tickets for the Jesus Christ Superstar gig. And will be at all the gigs you all are going to play that I saw on this site! Man you guys are just fantastic! I wish that I could get you to play for my wife's birthday in October. But my pockets are short, so I guess I'll have to settle for watching you at your various gigs. keep the faith!

Got to tell ya, been listening to your album now for two days. Have enjoyed, immensely... First, great musicians....period. This does NOT sound like a local bar group...if you get my drift. I'm amazed and thrilled...Have five songs that really grab me. Will discuss more on this face to face over a few drinks! I am going to order a few more copies for some friends of mine...and yeah, could burn from my copy, but want to support you and the group by buying instead. Besides, want my friends to have the cover package as well. Steely Dan influence...sure, even connect to specific songs by them. Also sense some Little feet type influence, and one song even has a sound that was typical of the Doobie Brothers Album that had “Rio” on it. Not the Captain and Me days, but the later efforts. When I leave a disc in my car for more than one playing...I'm hooked. I would like to now gather a friend or two and make a trip to Lexington just to hear you guys play. I'm serious here. So will be getting with you as to when, where type info. Keep it rocking, Steve....I am truly a fan.

Thanks for the CD. I grooved on it from Lex. to Music City on my way back from Christmas. I listened on headphones too, and sound is great! The vocals, instruments and mix are all out-a-site, cool songs, great band , tasty RnR ...you know I dig that. You've got great talent and a mess o blues my friend!!! Keep doin' it!

...hopefully this will continue to be an annual event. The party gets better every year... much of the credit being attributed to the performance of the Johnson Brothers. Everyone had such a great time. The positive feedback was overwhelming. Thanks again.

I really dig your CD! I'm listening to it now. Particularly good guitar solo on “One Step”. I also dig the 5/4 funk on the beginning. I also particularly have a weakness for gospel stuff like “Tonight”, which reminds me of Bill Payne singing an Eagles song. This CD is gonna live in my car for a while!!

Those old guys ROCK!
   --a kid on the 4th of July

I’d go see 'em, but I'm all tied up.
   --S. Hussein

“ I've got a fever, and the only prescription ...is more cowbell.”
   --Christopher Walken